Orange Products

    AKL Corporation is the first name in orange packaging paper in Egypt, And that because of using an imported materials that was treated healthy by 100%. and AKL corporation ensured it. Also all materials that we use in production have this features.

  • For the first time in the world there is possibility to division of customer orders to four sizes that commensurate with the size of fruit in the different periods of composition.
  • Produce the orange packaging materials reference to the needs of our customers.

    Technical support for Oranges exporters

    At first we send experienced designers in oranges packaging and trade marks designs to the customer work place, that to ensure the fastest producing level, Also to ensure that the designs works for the customer.

    We show to the customer alot of samples to choose from it what is Commensurate with him. And for the first time in the world we have a special package that consists of special colors for the sulphite papers

    Raw materials used in paper production

  • Sulphite Paper
  • MG Paper
  • Glassine paper
  • MG Bleached Kraft paper
  • Line Silk